MS is 100% Portuguese company founded in 1980.

Combining tradition and modern technology, we design, develop, and manufacture furniture for B2B.

Metalworking, woodworking, and upholstery, everything is produced under the same roof.

A family business with 15.000m2 of production area and 80 employees, who take the quality and sustainable production seriously.



MS's main mission is to offer its customers a personalized service. The objective is to serve as soon as possible, meeting standards of excellence.


The company intends to be a reference company at national and international level, highlighted by the professional and personal quality, as well as continuously improving customer service, always expecting their satisfaction as well as loyalty.


MS is governed by core values to carry out with rigor the work developed by the entire team of professionals that make up the company, always taking the other into account. In this way, the values by which the company is guided are: ethics, loyalty, respect, professionalism, responsibility, efficiency, the valorization of human resources, empathy and effectiveness.


MS has as main objective the provision of quality services in the activity of creation, production and commercialization of furniture, always looking for the satisfaction and surpassing the expectations of its customers: Establishing mechanisms of interaction with interested parties based on knowledge your needs and expectations.

Vision of the future and sustainability, in order to contribute to its evolution, effectiveness and continuous improvement.



that our products are respecting the safety rules

that we only use wood with PEFC certificate

that we produce metal, wood, and upholstery in our factory

that our products respect the environment

In MS we value the quality of our products, we only work with CMHR Foam (Combustion Modified High Resilience), this foam is fire-retardant guaranteeing the harmony between safety and comfort.
It is in the union of the various materials that we find the durability of our products, the combination of wood and metal guarantees high levels of strength and durability.
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