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Congratulations to the entire MS team, for yet another great performance in the follow-up audit, having spent another year with 0 compliances. “Amazing things in the business world are never done by a single person, but by a team” Steve Jobs

DecorHotel 2021, an event held at FIL in Lisbon dedicated to design, decoration, equipment, products, and services for the hotel industry. #jtg-49425 .modula-item .jtg-social a, .lightbox-socials.jtg-social a{ color: #ffffff }#jtg-49425 .modula-item .jtg-social svg, .lightbox-socials.jtg-social svg { height: 16px; width: 16px }#jtg-49425 .modula-item .jtg-social a:not(:last-child), .lightbox-socials.jtg-social a:not(:last-child) { margin-right: 10px }#jtg-49425 .modula-item .figc {color:#ffffff;}#jtg-49425 .modula-item .modula-item-content { transform: scale(1) }#jtg-49425 .modula-items .figc p.description { font-size:14px; }#jtg-49425 .modula-items .figc p.description { …


A new format and an exceptional curator, architect Stefano Boeri, for “supersalone”, the Special 2021 event under the banner of the Salone del Mobile.Milano that will be the first large design exhibition to open its doors. A fluid and dynamic exhibition set-up will valorize the new products and creations brought out by the companies over the last 18 months and will allow visitors to navigate freely inside a large …


MS thanks for your presence at our booth. It was very gratifying to be able to share our news, continue to follow our work.

This week, Marques & Silva team crossed the Atlantic ocean and exhibited the Glow and Adelle II collections at the HD Expo fair in Las Vegas. We are very proud!    

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